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Nike Nike High LX Nike LX Vandal Vandal Women's Women's High Vandal AYqxwpt Nike Nike High LX Nike LX Vandal Vandal Women's Women's High Vandal AYqxwpt Nike Nike High LX Nike LX Vandal Vandal Women's Women's High Vandal AYqxwpt Nike Nike High LX Nike LX Vandal Vandal Women's Women's High Vandal AYqxwpt

Recommended for lifestyle.

Originally conceived as a basketball shoe in 1985, Nikeupdate a classic with their Vandal High LX sneakers. The croc-skin embossed leather pair feature a high-top design, herringbone Velcro fastening with chevron striping and contrast paint splatters for a street-inspired finish.

- Leather upper with croc-skin embossed texture

- Ivory hue with black paint splatter print and accents; tonal white sole

- High-top design

- Lace-up front

- Velcro ankle fastening; herringbone with a chevron stripe; branded

- Raised, textured Swoosh

- Cushioned lining

- Rubber sole

Inner: Synthetic

Sole: Synthetic

Upper: Leather



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Vandal Vandal LX LX Nike Vandal Nike High Women's High Nike Women's

Comfort of the Grave

by Black Bolt

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Nike High Vandal Vandal Women's Nike LX LX Nike High Women's Vandal


On a cold November day, four small town boys entered a big city recording studio. On their journey, they plowed their way through superhero-branded malt beverages, clam juice-infected domestic beer, and cookies made by small tree elves. Their results became Black Bolt's second EP, Comfort of the Grave. Through copious swearing, couch naps, and unhealthy decisions, they produced five songs about self-medication, the existential nature of partying, the frailty of human life, the weight of anxiety, draconian reproductive politics, and the all-seeing eye of the military-industrial complex. The main takeaway: those elf cookies are still pretty dang good.


released July 28, 2017
elegant pump thick color red Size 3 pp284 US candy heels 10 f7qfw
Recorded and mastered by Andy Agenbroad at The Chop Shop


all rights reserved


Track Name: Doctor Destructors
Nike LX High Vandal LX High Women's Nike Vandal Women's Vandal Nike
And the pope is smokin
She's down
With a flag around her neck

Spin a lie out of time and history yeah
I don't know what you're for, but it's not life
Say a long line and rinse it clean yeah
It's not her life, so you can just decide

Been a long time but it's supposed to be
Nike High High Vandal Nike Women's LX LX Women's Vandal Vandal Nike

And the ground is open
She's down
Anti-life equation in effect

Spin round the wheels of misery yeah
If it's not your kind then it's not real life
Been a long time and it's meant to be yeah
A guiding hand that takes away her right
Track Name: Straight to the Biscuits
Well my grandfather's in the ground but I'm not any smarter
Two years and 40 gallons and now I know
The view's not any clearer from heaven hill
And health and aspirations melt like snow

You can't go to the funeral smellin like liquor
You can't take those spirits along for the ride
I'd drink away my problems
But they're just gettin bigger
Whiskey, i'm sorry but i tried

There's a vampire in the hall and my blood gets thinner
Two punctures, a smile, a ghastly glow
Blood's not any thicker on the mortal coil
Don't turn off the lights, but keep them low
Track Name: Kurf's Up
One of these days i'm gonna burn my haze out
One of these days i'm gonna set my liver free
One of these days i'll forget my name
One of these days i'll change my name to beer wolf
Wad up the voice of reason and throw it away
As long as there's a gutter I'll have a place to stay

That Smirnoff 100 proof
Always shoots me through the roof
To a place i'll just forget about
It always knocks me out
Vandal Women's LX Nike High High Women's Vandal Nike LX Vandal Nike

One of these days we're gonna wear our names out
One of these days we're gonna switch to bath salts
One of these days we'll fight the wrong bro
One of these days we'll live out a burzum song
Our ancestors are spinning in their graves
If expectations kill then disappointment saves
High Vandal Vandal LX Nike Vandal Nike Nike Women's High LX Women's

That smirnoff 100 proof
Always shoots me through the roof
To a place i'll just forget about
It always knocks me out
Track Name: Smokin' it to the Bird
I don't know if you know that i know the things
You say to me
Ike I looked in the mirror
I'm a fancy little man

You don't know always
And we don't know that you're sober
Wager cash against progress
While you can

I wanna roll around in decadence too
Shake my red iron fist around

I don't need a reminder
I'm all caught up on you

Tent cities i guess
Are just what you do

I don't know about the heads in row on your wall
Dead eyes sparkle, fade and say it's over

I don't know if you know that i know the things
You say to me

Step behind the line and say you don't know
Track Name: Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Hashtags
It's a psychic web they're spinning
The creature's veins are glowing green
Clawing roads to mexico
Harvesting technology

Vandal Women's Vandal Nike LX Nike Nike Women's High LX High Vandal
Drones for the drone god
Bombs for the bomb god
Brittle bones snap and decompose in the aftershock
No one misses what no one knows is lost

Entitled to a ribcage prison
Brains are smothered by debris
The beast spreads spores and then it goes
To plant its eyes as vulgar seeds

Sanitizing land across the sea
Whittle down the earth until it's flat
Mutating some perverse immunity
Whitewash everything until it's black
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Nike High Vandal Nike LX Vandal High Women's Nike LX Vandal Women's

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