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Health systems

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Health financing systems are critical for reaching universal health coverage. Health financing levers to move closer to universal health coverage lie in three interrelated areas:

  • men's shoes Wilson White tennis Blue Pearl Wilson Navy rush EVO raising funds for health;
  • reducing financial barriers to access through prepayment and subsequent pooling of funds in preference to direct out-of-pocket payments; and
  • allocating or using funds in a way that promotes efficiency and equity.

Developments in these key health financing areas will determine whether health services exist and are available for everyone and whether people can afford to use health services when they need them.

Guided by the World Health Assembly resolution WHA64.9 from May 2011 and based on the recommendations from the World Health Report 2010 “Health systems financing: The path to universal coverage”, WHO is supporting countries in developing of health financing systems that can bring them closer to universal coverage.

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A well-functioning health system
working in harmony is built on having
trained and motivated health
workers, a well-maintained infrastructure,
and a reliable supply of medicines
and technologies, backed by adequate
funding, strong health plans and
evidence-based policies.

rush shoes EVO tennis Wilson Wilson Blue men's Pearl Navy White
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